Reply to Vampires Take A Bit Out Of Pop Culture

November 19, 2009

I completely agree with Alyssa and what she says about the Vampire craze in the media.  So many different movies, books, and television shows are about vampires. But they arent your typical Dracula movies. These books, shows, and movies depict vampires in a completely different light. Vampires are now being associated with beauty, love, sex, and lots of drama. Now what girl isnt going to be completely obsessed with these vampire storylines that include hot guys, love interests, and drama?

There are 2 shows about vampires that I’m a huge fan of. Vampire Diaries and True Blood are both shows about vampires, but the shows are very different. While Vampire Diaries is a show that is suitable for all vampire fans of  all ages, True Blood is for the more mature vampire fanatic. True Blood airs on HBO and is a show filled with a lot of sexual scenes while Vampire Diaries airs on The CW and has more of a Twilight feel to it. Although both of the shows are very different they are both about vampires living in today’s society and just trying to fit in.  The vampire crave has gotten so big over the past couple of years and I dont think that craze is going to die down anytime soon. Now whether your a Twilight fan, a Vampire Diaries fan, or a True Blood fan one things for sure and thats America loves vampires.


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