Reply to Masculinity in Disney

November 19, 2009

I agree with Meg’s blog and how Disney represents men and women. Men are always represented as very manly and the hero who comes to save the princess. Women are depicted as helpless women who sometimes use their sexuality to get them out of certain situations which I’ll discuss later on. I’ve grown up watching Disney movies and to this day I’m still a huge fan of Disney. While I was younger I never noticed any of the problems going on in these movies but now that I’m older I see them very clearly.

In my Child Development class we spoke about how some Disney movies depict women in a negative way. We focused a lot on the movie Aladdin. Now Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie and I never saw anything wrong with the movie. My professor went on to talk about how Princess Jasmine tries to seduce Jafar in a sexual way to get what she wants. Before my professor pointed this out I never really saw it in that way. I mean is that the message Disney is trying to send to young girls ‘Use your sexuality to get what you want”? In the video you see just how Jasmine uses her sex appeal to try to get what she wants.


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