Reply to A Little Bit Too Much Branding

November 19, 2009

I agree on what Erin had to say on her blog about branding. I went to private school from K- 8th grade and I had to wear the same old uniform for 10 years. I went to a public high school and I was looking so forward to being able to wear whatever I wanted. Now I went to an inner city school so the fashion at my high school was different from what kids in suburban schools were wearing. But now my high school is completely into wearing Aeropastale, American Eagle and Hollister. But in the beginning of my freshman year it was all about Roca Wear, Baby Phat, and Ecko. Shoes was also a big thing in my high school. Everyone was obsessed with Jordans and Nike shoes especially Air Forces. It’s crazy how much the fashion has changed in my high school in such a short amount of time.

I know there were no cliques in my school. I did go to an inner city school so I guess it’s fair to say that minorities ruled. Blacks, Latinos, Whites all got along regardless of who was wearing what. I feel that branding in college is way more popular then it was back in high school. Before coming to OU I never saw a Northface jacket or a Vera Bradley Purse in my life. I feel that most of the girls on campus dress the same, Northface jackets and Ugg boots.  I have to admit at times I feel the pressure to have to fit. But not everyone can afford to spend more than $100 dollars on a pair of boots or a purse. I wish people didnt follow particular trends as much. I say staying true to yourself and being comfortable with who you are is the best way to go. Who cares what everyone else is wearing its all about personality.


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