Final Reflection

November 19, 2009

Before taking this class I’ve never blogged before and even been on a blogging website. I will admit that I didnt think blogging was going to interest me much or even help me learn. But I was wrong. Blogging helped me in many different ways. It was also nice to read other people’s thoughts and opinions on the different subjects we discussed in class.

I went into this class not knowing what to expect from the blogs since Ive never blogged before in my life up until the beginning of this class. I honestly thought I was going to be bored and not at all interested in writing these blogs. But I soon learned that blogging wasnt at all that bad and maybe I could learn something from the process.I expected for these assignments to help me learn and understand the concepts discussed in class more clearly. By writing my own blogs and reviewing other classmates blogs I got to do just that, understand material more clearly.

After entering so many blogs there is one blog out of all the ones I’ve entered to be my best work. My blog titled Advertising Really Works is my favorite most interesting blog by far. In the blog I talk about advertising and the effects it has on people especially women. I go on to discuss how many products are targeted especially targeted towards women. I also go on to talk about the tobacco companies and how they are trying to lure in more female smokers by creating cigarettes just for women. Not saying that men can’t smoke these cigarettes but how manly will it be for a guy to walk around with a hot pink and black cigarette box? Not very manly I’d have to say. Those are just some of the points I discussed in this particular blog and I feel I made some pretty clear points.

Although I made some pretty clear points in a few of my blogs there is one blog  that  wasnt all that great. The blog that wasnt my best work was Celebrity Mania. In this blog I attempted to discuss the topic of memes, but it didnt turn out so good. I had a really hard time understanding this concept and how to apply it to something so I could write a blog on it.  I feel if I would’ve understood memes more clearly that writing that particular blog wouldnt have been as difficult.

If somewhere in the future I have to blog again in another class there are a few things I would do differently. First I would go into it with an open mind and not think so negatively about the process. Another thing I would do differently is I would spend more time on the blogs, I’d have to admit that sometimes I’d just rush through them and not put much thought into it. I’d also try to get together with a classmate so we could to the blog together. I think this would help me learn more and I would enjoy myself more as well.

Pop Culture has taught me a lot this quarter. It has helped me see pop culture in a completely different light. Before this class I didnt think pop culture was something that has influenced our lives in the many ways that it actually has. MDIA 486 was a very fun, laid back, interesting class that I’ve learned so much from. Im glad I took this class because now every time I’m watching a particular show or something happens in the media I’m going to think back to MDIA 486 and all the concepts I’ve learned about and apply them accordingly.


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